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This weekend, iNTACT Esports participated in the Fragadelphia Memorial Weekend Qualifier for the upcoming LAN event Fragadelphia 12 (Aug. 3-5th). It was a long 2 day event for the iNTACT CS:GO squad.

Upper Bracket:
iNTACT Esports first BO3 was against Stormborns. Setting the pace with a quick 16-5 scoreline on Overpass and again on Inferno with a 16-4 to secure the series 2-0. Round 2 of the tournament was an exciting matchup with Swole Patrol. iNTACT was able to secure the first map with a 16-14 scoreline on Cache. The second map was set for Nuke, this was an exciting back and forth match until the very end. 3 OTs later, Swole Patrol took Nuke with a 25-22 scoreline.

Lower Bracket – Day 2:
Round 2 – The lower bracket, iNTACT defeats Beefoaks Bricc Crew 16-5 on Overpass. Round 3 – iNTACT defeats Team Hyper 16-10 on Cache. Round 4 – an exciting match against Legend Has It. iNTACT takes the OT match 19-17 to secure Lower Bracket Finals against Gorilla Gang. Round 5 – Gorilla Gang puts up a good fight, but falls to us with a score of 16-14. iNTACT Advances to Grand Finals.

Grand Finals:
iNTACT Esports faces Swole Patrol for a BO5 series, Swole Patrol sitting on a 1 Map Advantage. The series was a sweep from SP, beating iNTACT 16-3 on Cache & 16-9 on Inferno.

Overall, a great weekend of Counter Strike! We’re excited to see this roster mature in the coming months. A Huge thank you to Fragadelphia & ESEA for putting on a great event. The casters and admins were amazing and we’re excited to look forward to the next tournament and LAN being put on in June & August.

Vod Coverage by Fragadelphia –
Day 1:
Day 2:

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