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Season 28 Main Division

In season 28, we were given a spot in ESEA Main. This would be our rosters first test together, as the team worked hard to match expectations. During the regular season, we were able to boast a 16-0 record, achieving the number one seed going into playoffs. The post season saw our dominance continue until the semi-finals where we dropped our first and only map to GT Academy. However, we closed the series 2-1 and advanced to the grand finals. In the grand finals, we faced Team Clarity. We were able to gain momentum and secure ourselves a quick victory on Cache, closing with a score of 16-4. Team Clarity managed to put a little more pressure on Overpass, but in the end, we closed out the map with a score of 16-9. On August 16th, we were crowned champions of ESEA Main. Season 28 was a complete success and iNTACT’s first major victory.


Season 29 Advanced Division

Season 29 started much like the prior season, with our squad quickly obtaining a 7-0 record. However, following two midseason losses against Masked Esports and Furia, the team decided to make two roster changes. The changes proved successful, as we found our rhythm once more claiming 7 more victories before entering the post season as the second seed. The playoff teams we faced were a much higher caliber than the prior season, but the squad was confident and ready. The first round saw a Main finals rematch against Team Clarity. Much like last season, we took home a solid 2-0 win. Going forward, we would face Team Reign. We managed to take the series with a great showing, going 2-0, and obtaining a spot in Season 29 MDL Relegation. The semi-final matchup against The Fundamentals also ended up as the previous two, with our squad securing a 2-0 scoreline heading into finals.

iNTACT vs Team Clarity: 2-0 (16-4 Mirage, 16-7 Overpass).

iNTACT vs Reign: 2-0 (16-7 Mirage, 16-4 Overpass)

iNTACT vs The Fundamentals: 2-0 (16-9 Mirage, 16-9 Overpass).



The grand finals of ESEA Season 29 Advanced was our greatest challenge yet as we squared up against the Brazilian powerhouse Furia. In the regular season, they had beat us with a convincing 16-7 scoreline on Inferno. However, Map 1 of the best of three was Overpass, the only map which Furia had dropped all season. We had an amazing start with Furia simply not having any answer to our firepower & strategies. We dominated the first half, eventually closing out with a 13-2 scoreline going into the CT half. In the second half, Furia managed to pull together an addition 4 rounds before we closed out the map 16-6.


Map 2, Furia’s pick, saw the Brazilians surge back with fire.  We managed to secure pistol and a 2-0 start, however that was all we could get going in the first half. Furia dominated, obtaining an 11-4 score at halftime and looking to push the finals to a third map. In the second half, we managed to pull off a clean pistol round, bringing the total score to 11-7. The squad had fought hard, however, Furia were able to close out the map 16-13.


Map 3 of the grand final went to the decider map, Inferno. Furia took the momentum securing an 8-2 scorline. However, we proved resilient and were able to salvage a 9-6 scoreline going into the final half of the grand final. The second pistol was huge, and we were able to secure it with a big round from Swahn. The momentum swung in our direction as we cruised to a 13-9 lead. Ultimately, Furia fought back and were able to eventually bring the game to a 14-11 scoreline before our squad closed out the last two rounds, securing the Advanced title.

Season 29 was a rollercoaster of expectations, changes, and perseverance. We could not be more proud of our CS:GO team as they push onward to MDL next season.

Thank you to Shakezullah, Turismo, Swahn, Spongey, Will, and Rich.



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